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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
You are here: Home Weight Reducers Triple Tea Green Tea: Benefits and Properties

Green Tea: Benefits and properties

Tea is a drink that helps keep us healthy

Tea, whether green, red, black, oolong, white, has an amazing and diverse pharmacological activity, mainly due to catechins it has. Green tea has anticoagulant properties, antibiotic, anti-ulcer, anti-diarrheal, anti-viral, diuretic (caffeine), analgesic (caffeine), sedatives (without caffeine).

It also protects the arteries and prevents tooth decay. In animals, it has shown that tea and its components block various types of cancer. People who drink tea seem less likely to suffer from arteriosclerosis (damaged, clogged arteries) and having strokes. Because caffeine could aggravate anxiety, insomnia and symptoms of premestrual. Tea can also promote kidney stones because of its high oxalate content.

Green tea is the most popular tea in Asia, is the richest in catechins, followed by oolong and black tea together. This is the most potent green tea. However, in a human study there was no difference between black tea and green tea on the protection of blood. The best way to make these drinks is excellent as a tea, where they can get the pure flowers of tea rather than in ground, because you can lose much of their goodness.

In summary we can say the following about Green Tea:

  • * Green tea is known for being one of the most powerful antioxidants.
  • Its high content of catechins and isoflavones make it a perfect ally in the fight against aging, help with circulation and prevent the hardening of artery walls, among many other things.

  • * Green tea would be anticarcinogenic.
  • Already there are many favorable research that talk about the issue and believes that this should also, in its high content of antioxidants. For example, green tea would be responsible for the low rate of cancer in Asia, also good for the prostate and also refers to it as good for preventing various cancers.

  • * It is strongly believed that green tea weight loss can be very effective.
  • * Green tea has capabilities stimulants, since it has caffeine and helps concentration and mental work.
  • * Green tea would be good for cavity prevention.

In fact, some research found that reducing fat accumulation in the liver and is a good agent thermogenesis.

According to studies that have been held in Asia, the usual drink consumers have fewer problems with their dentures than those who do not. Talk about the latest research, in addition, green tea is good for teeth and gums in general.

Source: The Food: Miraculous Medicine, 2008, Jean Carper, page 469


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