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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
You are here: Home Vitality Pollen Pollen, Pure Energy

Pollen, Pure Energy

Pollen is Energy

Pollen is a secretion produced by the male organs of plants to fertilize the female organs. As we all know, is the main food of bees, which in turn, help in the pollination system of plants and other species.

The pollen has energizing properties, antidepressant, helps raise hemoglobin and in high doses to help people gain weight extremely thin. The pollen is regularly consumed in capsules, because some people do not resist the strong flavor because it is different from eating honey. It can be mixed with yougurt in orange or lemon juice, mix with water, chew or simply take a teaspoon.


CONTENT: 90 capsules / 500 mg. each.

DOSE: Take 2 capsules, two or three times daily before meals.

Warning: Do not consumed by people allergic to honey and asthmatics.


Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medecine There are many options in cancer treatment Alternatival eMedicine. One option to consider is the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), by its initials in English.

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