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Wednesday 24 Jan 2018
You are here: Home Weight Reducers The Chavin Tea/Hercampuri Hercampuri against fat
Weight Reducers

Hercampuri against fat

Hercampuri is a plant of the family Gentianaceas, which is annual or perennial, has a maximum height 5cm, twisted root, cracked and rough, which grows to twice the size of the plant stem herbaceous, short , dark brown, small leaves 0.5 to 1 cm, simple, opposite, lanceolate, sessile, dark green, the flowers solitary or cymose inflorescence arranged in hermaphrodite 0.5 to 1 cm, lilac or dehicente violet fruit capsule, containing a large amount of seeds dark brown or black.

Hercampuri: How It Works

The liver plays an important role in the metabolism of fats in the production of lipoproteins (molecules associated with proteins and fats) and burning fat for energy. Finally this body converts excess food into fat, which then carried the body's fat tissue for storage, causing weight gain and obesity.

The Hercampuri is a medicinal plant used in herbal medicine as the effects of blood cleansing and stimulating biliary function. It is also used traditionally as dietary and that helps the body metabolize fats, is also a cholagogue and diuretic agent, ie, facilitates the secretion of bile and the elimination of fluid.

The hercampuri is generally used in diets for weight loss. Clinical trials conducted with Hercampuri revealed a significant hypocholesterolemic activity due to the amount of bitter principles which owns the plant increasing bile secretion, implying a decrease in blood cholesterol levels to be mobilized to be transformed into bile acids.

The Hercampuri is a blood detoxifier which helps eliminate low-density lipids in the blood. It facilitates the movement and because of its diuretic action is used to normalize blood pressure. Research suggests that the improvement Hercampuri liver function and reduces the excessive fat, this implies that can be used to control body weight.

The Hercampuri helps energize the body because it helps balance the metabolism and improves circulation. The best known components are: eritaurina, bitter substance, amarogencina, volatile oils, mucilages, tannins.

A very important component are the saponins, which are substances that act on the cholesterol level of the intestinal tract, forming an insoluble compound, thus reducing their absorption. It also contains mucilage, this component increases the speed of transit of stool.

It is a mechanism through which the fiber binds to bile acids by preventing its reabsorption, this leads to increased synthesis of bile salts with the spending of cholesterol absorption exerted by the mucilages on bile acids.

One of the factors influencing the concentration of cholesterol liver disease. There is an increase of cholesterol by the liver being one of the factors involved in cholesterol metabolism.


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