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Tuesday 23 Jan 2018
You are here: Home Weight Reducers 4x1 Celery and its health benefits

The Celery and its health benefits

Celery is a vegetable low in calories, but that does not mean that it lacks properties to give our body. The poor energy that provides us celery is due to its low carbohydrate content, better known as carbohydrates.

It is considered an excellent food regulator and also has cooling properties, many minerals and a good amount of fiber. For this very reason, the celery should be included in your regular diet.

Celery is required in diets due to its low in calories and amount saciadora capacity, thanks to its high fiber content. Moreover, it provides plenty of fluids, vitamins of types A, C and E, also folate, zinc and sodium. Also because of its high potassium content, is ideal for central nervous system.

Celery and hypertension

Celery is a traditional Vietnamese remedy for hypertension. Celery compounds reduce blood pressure in animal experiments. The comparable dose for humans is two to four stalks a day.

Celery contains eight different families of anticancer compounds, such as the phthalide and polyacetylene, which detoxify carcinogens, especially cigarette smoke.

Some people may have allergic reactions of varying intensity to eat celery before or after a heavy exercise.

Eat healthy, eat organic produce.


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